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This business seeks to help people whom have a difficult time with credit overall. Understanding first hand the obstacles and difficulties un-attainable credit can have in our lives. Most of us have had the unfortunate and terrible experience of having something taken away. In my personal case, years ago I was a victim of identity fraud. This became the turning point in a sequence of unfortunate events that led to my hardships. I also struggled financially mostly due to a lack of credit education, since its unfortunately not taught in schools. I then decided to take a drastic change and vowed to learn all I could about credit. Therefore, not repeat this afflicting time in my life. Which is why our passion is in seeing our customers prosper. 

I am Eli Bacilio

- Founder 

"It is believed the best satisfaction is helping and being of value to others.  I strive to  help others reach life goals through credit; that other wise would be difficult to obtain".